Zambia Cheetah Jogger Set

Zambia Africa Cheetah Bellbottom Jogger Pants
Zambia Africa Cheetah Cropped Sweatert

That Hoody Shop was founded from a place of passion about people and fashion. It was birthed from a life-long obsession with clothes, shoes and accessories...especially unique and colorful items that feed the soul. I find clothing to be an expression of my many "personalities." Clothing is a way for me to fully express myself in ways that words simply can't. I am the sort who refuses to be categorized and pigeon-holed into one way of dress or told what to do or what is "appropriate" (and I think you are too). Nobody puts baby in a corner!

We are an independent fashion label based in California U.S.A. We use the term Hobo Chic to give verbal expression to and define our design philosophy.  Hobo Chic is an attitude and style of dress uniquely suited to the fashion icons of today (and yesterday). It's a vibe similar to the free-spiritedness that can be felt and seen in Boho/Bohemian clothing but it goes one step further. Hobo Chic is a patchwork cornucopia of mismatched patterns and colors coming together, explosively, in one garment. Piled on in what may seem like uncoordinated ways (much like one might notice on a hobo) but it all makes sense to the wearer.  That Hoody Shop represents the best of and is home to the original Hobo Chic girl, Anita.

Our mission is simple. We want to be a one-stop shop for people of Generation Me (and the older free-spirited individual) who don't have the inclination to visit multiple stores whether it's online or in a traditional brick and mortar. We are for those not only seeking stylish pieces and outfits but for those who wish to be seen, be colorful, and BE UNIQUE.

Our passion lies in scouring the world for hip and unusal print designs to incorporate into our designs. Designs that help you express your attitude and personality. Think of us as your mini H&M but we're not fast fashion as each piece is made to order and the bulk of our store showcases designs made from recycled polyester so we're super eco-friendly to boot. Just look for the 100% Eco-Friendly tag at the top of each product page. To see our Sustainability Page click here.

With over 1700 products, you're sure to create a winning combination that won't be seen everywhere.  It's like a one-of-a-kind couture ensemble made just for you and that you won't see on anyone else and you'll always be a standout.

The audience for That Hoody Shop is the hipster millennial or the perpetually young-at-heart (like myself) who has both incredible fashion sense and a wild spirit. A person who revels in and takes advantage of the freedom we have in today's society to express ourselves in artistic, colorful, non-conformist ways. You are the ones who set trends instead of following the path of others.

Over 70% of our clothing is made from eco-friendly products like recycled plastic or 100% cotton fibers.  We don't mass produce, so no waste and no warehousing space.